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Welcome to global Sourcing at TMD Friction Group:

As a global leader in the automotive industry TMD Friction continually researches new suppliers and products. TMD Friction's objective is to maintain a World Class Supplier Base providing competitive advantages in the areas of cost, quality, delivery, innovation and environment.

TMD external purchases are categorized into five areas of spend, which are
Backing Plates: Sourced raw materials: i.e. Backing Plates convential blanked, Backing Plates fineblanked, Casted Backing Plates
Chemicals: Sourced raw materials: i.e. Synthetic Fibres, Phenolic Resins, Metalpowders, Metalfibres, Metal Sulphides, Abrasives
Accessories: Sourced raw materials: i.e. Punching Springs, Anti-Noise-Shims, Accessories Kits for Disk Brakes
IAM & Aftermarket: Sourced raw materials: i.e. Electrical Wear Indicator, Brake Shoes, Brake Fluids, Brake Discs
Indirects: Sourced raw materials and -Services: i.e. Transport- & Logisticservices, Energy, Adhesives & Coatings, Packaging & Auxiliaries

These products and services are sourced throughout the world and managed by both Group and Local Purchasing. If you are interested in becoming a supplier of TMD Friction, please download our conditions and register through our Supplier Portal:



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