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Pure Friction

Together with the vehicle and brake manufacturers TMD Friction engineers develop and test brake friction products, which fulfils highest requirements regarding comfort, performance and wear expectancy. Our objective is not only to sell disc brake pads and drum brake linings - but also to develop the perfect technical solution for each respective application. Our OE experience is such that we have been chosen to supply friction for the smallest cars, such as the Fiat 500, through to the world's fastest and most powerful supercars, such as the Bugatti Veyron, as well as for truck, trailer, bus and coach applications.

However our expertise isn't just restructed to public highways: we also put our knowledge and experience to the ultimate test by developing high performance friction for racing and motorsport, as well as for rail and industrial.

Resulting from the successful work in all these areas TMD Friction is now supplying nearly all vehicle and brake manufacturers in the world with brake pads and linings.

Part of TMD Friction's business philosophy and a factor of the company's success is its close geographical proximity of its R&D centers to series producers (brake and vehicles manufacturers alike). Next  to Research and Development Centers in Leverkusen (Germany), Indaiatuba (Brazil) and Troy (USA), we are currently expanding our R&D activities in Japan and China to create additional development resources for Asian vehicle and brake manufacturers.

At TMD Friction we invest yearly 30 million Euros (45 million US-Dollars) in reseacrh and development to be prepared for the requirements of the future.



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