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Luxembourg/Leverkusen - TMD Friction is, to date, the first and only manufacturer to have received the preliminary type-approval for the new K-block developed within the scope of the research project for noise abatement in rail freight traffic through innovative composite brake blocks (LäGiV*).

The company's objective is now to pass the remaining winter tests as well as the field tests required over a period of twelve months. The entire testing process will be monitored by an expert from the International Union of Railways (UIC).

Conventional grey cast iron brake blocks in freight trains act directly on the wheel tread. In continuous operation, the wheel surfaces lose their ideal round form and cause increased running noises. Second-generation organic composite brake blocks prevent this effect and can significantly lower both the emitted noise level and the wear. A reduction of eight decibels will reduce the perceived noise level by half.

Early on in the development phase, TMD Friction focused on the use of raw materials which give less block and wheel wear in order to reduce the necessary vehicle maintenance downtimes and, as a result, achieve increased mileage combined with easy maintenance.

Based on the present schedule, TMD Friction will be able to start production of the Cosid 704 K-blocks as early as 2015.

* funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology





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