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Lean Management:

Lean management is a fundamental principle in all our processes. We are striving to achieve perfection in every task. By optimizing all cycles, we increase speed and flexibility and improve product quality. Optimum process control helps greatly in preventing any form of waste, such as overproduction, repairs and waiting times.

Some of the points covered by our lean change program are:
Both the material flow within the factories and the required supply chains are simplified and organised to reduce stocks and improve customer service.
For every location there is an overall plan which integrates all activities. Each local Lean Change Manager looks after its implementation and adjustments.
Lean production at every location is measured by six parameters: scrap, on-time delivery, inventory turnover, throughput times, overall equipment effectiveness and unit labour costs.
The downsizing measures are incorporated in the long-term planning process.

Lean management does not just play a significant role in production - it equally affects all divisions of the organisation - the sales structure in the replacement division as much as the purchasing department, etc. Analysis, improvement and standardisation of processes lead to a better understanding of our products, less sources of error and a higher level of quality for our brake linings.



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