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Pure Friction

Throughout the past we have always been looking to the future.

TMD Friction is the world’s largest manufacturer of brake friction materials, employing 4,800 people, who are dedicated to producing 1 million brake friction products per day. 15 production sites in nine countries on four continents are complemented by R&D centers in Leverkusen (Germany), Troy (USA) and Indaiatuba (Brazil).

However to become the biggest and the best takes time and TMD Friction’s pedigree stretches back over more than a century, right to the very beginnings of the automotive industry. It is a story that is full of important milestones, many of which have changed the face of friction forever. Take the journey with us through TMD Friction’s past to see why we have become the leading name in friction today.

William Fenton begins production of woven belting in Scotland under the name of Scandinavian Belting Ltd., which later becomes Mintex.

Small & Parkes Ltd. established in Manchester (UK) will eventually become known as Don International.

Mintex supplies brake linings for the first production car, the Ford Model T with 20.2 horsepower.

BBA Ltd. founds Textar as a distribution company in Germany.

Mintex becomes part of BBA Ltd.

Production of Textar brake friction materials starts in Leverkusen, Germany.

Disc brake technology is developed by Dunlop and successfully introduced on the Jaguar C-Type racing car, which would ultimately achieve successive wins at Le Mans using Mintex racing pads.

Disc brakes appear on European production cars for the first time with the Austin Healey 100S, Citroën DS and Triumph TR3

New generation of friction formulations widely introduced using a range of more advanced materials including metallic reinforcing fibres that offer better thermal characteristics for reduced brake fade.

Pagid develops a relationship with Porsche that has lasted to this day initially developing friction materials for endurance racing.

TMD Friction is founded, with the brands Textar, Mintex and Don, by management buyout. TMD Friction develops the revolutionary, patented, carbon ceramic disc brake.

Acquisition of Rütgers Automotive and the Pagid, Cobreq and Cosid brands by TMD Friction Group. Global expansion with new plants opened in Brazil, China and Mexico. The GM Racing Chevrolet Corvette team wins the Daytona 24 hour race using TMD Friction racing brake pads.

Opening of the R&D centre in Troy (USA) and foundation of TMD Friction KK in Japan.

The cars that finished, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Le Mans 24 hour race all have one thing in common… Pagid racing brake pads. TMD Friction develops brake friction for the world’s most powerful production car, the Bugatti Veyron, with 1001 hp, fitted with Textar brake pads.

TMD Friction invests 35 million Euros in upgrading production facilities in Germany, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, China and the USA.

2008 & beyond
As the pioneer of Carbon Ceramic braking and the world’s leading supplier of this innovative technology, TMD Friction will be at the forefront of the industry by delivering this advanced technology to a much wider market. Second-generation NAO friction formulations, known as NAO2+, are currently in development and they are expected to provide even higher levels of performance in comparison to current NAO materials, as well as superior stability and comfort, whilst being kinder to the environment.

Restructuring programme "Speed" completed. Acquisition by senior management and Pamplona Capital Management secures long term future.

Acquisition of Eurofriction Limited, based in Kilmarnock, Scotland.
Acquisition of bt Bremsen Technik, based in Rosbach, Germany.

Acquisition of Dynotherm (Pty) Ltd, based in Merrivale, South Africa.

2011Combination of TMD Friction and Nisshinbo Brake under the ownership of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. creates the world's largest automotive friction manufacturer

2013TMD Friction introduces the four strategic business units OE Passenger Car, OE Commercial Vehicle, Independent Aftermarket, Rail & Industry to increase its global customer focus



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