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Taking environmental protection seriously:

Pure Friction

At TMD Friction we have been at the forefront of environmental protection within the friction industry for a number of years.

Ecological standards for friction materials

Almost a decade ago the company was instrumental in the development of the ECO-Table, a set of ecological/environmental classification standards for friction materials. It ranges from ECO I to ECO IV and today it is a universally recognised standard. The product portfolio of TMD Friction has been constructed in line with the corresponding environmentalrequirements and it is constantly being further improved.

We believe that we have a responsibility to conserve the planet's precious resources wherever possible therefore we have set ourselves ambitious energy reduction targets and strict recycling processes.

Energy reduction

By utilising simulation technologies to optimise the process parameters, we are able to more accurately specify the raw materials for the product. By doing this we can also fine-tune the production process to minimise any waste energy in the formation stages. These measures are a key part of achieving our long term aim of reducing our energy consumption by as much as 50%.


We are focussed on reducing waste during our production processes and consequently we have developed a patented solution for reclaiming used friction material and re-using it in some of our friction formulations.

Please click on the following link to download the TMD Friction Group Policy for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

TMD Friction Group Policy for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Please click on the following links to download environmental management certificates of TMD Friction:

Romania / Caransebes

Brazil / Indaiatuba

China / Hangzhou

China / Shijiazhuang

France / Creutzwald

Germany / Essen & Leverkusen

Germany / Hamm & Coswig

Mexico / Querétaro

UK / Hartlepool

UK / Kilmarnock

UK / Manchester

Spain / Valencia

Please click on the following links to download the ISO 50001 certificates of TMD Friction:

Germany / Essen & Leverkusen

  Germany / Coswig & Hamm

UK / Hartlepool



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